weighted vest tone and strengthen

Good for posture and balance whether sitting or standing. Increases stability and strength of arms, shoulders, back and chest building stronger bones and reduces risk of injuries.
Improves flexibility, metabolism and speed. 

After a long day of work finding the time to exercise is always difficult. Our workout has to be as efficient as possible, especially if we can’t go to the gym but are willing to exercise at home. If your goal is to increase tone and strength, a good idea could be to invest in a weighted vest. The Power Suit’s would be surely a game-changer for you. It adds up to 20 lbs to your weight load and does not create obstacles to the movements since it can adapt to you regardless of your size. Being able to customize the vest adding the preferred weight permits you to tailor the workout to your needs and to follow your progress through this journey. You will be able to perform different kinds of exercises at growing difficulty levels even from home, without the need for gym supplies. Start enjoying your workout, use this weight vest!

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