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Thank you for your interest in our products.  My passion for coaching sports, training and good nutrition was the inspiration behind the creation of The Powersuit.  We believed there was a need for a hands-free weighted wearable that could accelerate the fitness level and power of a professional athlete and sports enthusiast alike.  Our team has spent over a decade in research, development and testing the performance, materials, and fabrication of The Powersuit.  You will be amazed how it generates extra power and agility which improves with each session you wear the vest and shorts.  We know you will be impressed with the quality, comfort and results wearing our patented Powersuit. 

Lebert Veira – Founder         

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THE power suit in pro sports

The power suit

Our patented wearable technology is the culmination of weight resistance to movement. The thermal balance in the soft tissues (muscles, tendons, and ligaments) creates the ideal conditions for maximized fitness and power development.

The weighted vest and shorts were designed with all types of fitness, training, and sports activities in mind. Safely build your power and endurance without changing your routine to level up your work out and reach your goals faster.


Powertex™ fabric is a compression-fit yet ‘breathable’ to keep your body temperature comfortable & anti-stink to be sociable

 Water-friendly to support aquatic fitness


Slim profile and highly flexible to accommodate virtually all exercises

Gender specific range of sizes because ‘one size’ fits no one well

Maximum weight load 20lbs/9kgs vest and 10lbs/4.5kgs shorts

Easy garment care: just wash in cold water & drip dry


Women and Men's Weighted Vest Features

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"The Power Suit is a great tool for athletes from all sports, it definitely produces results and, I recommend it highly.".

Lennox Lewis,
Former-World boxing champion:
Attack Athletics! TIM GROVER Stands behind Power Wear’s Weighted Vests & Shorts! If you’ve never heard of Tim Grover, he’s the guy who helped Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, and other Basketball champions get to the top – and most importantly, stay at the top! Lebert met up with Tim in Chicago and Tim had good things to say about the Power Wear Weighted Vest and Shorts. It makes sense, and, is a very good fitness tool.

Tim Grover