Load Principles and Protocols

The Power Suit, the leading anatomically designed weighted PowerVest and PowerShorts, is a premium training system that, when used properly , will yield the best results, based on these 3 principles Overload, Progression & Specificity.

Simply stated, the body must be stressed for adaptations to take place. Once the body has progressed to a new level of fitness, and as those rewards are observed, then and only then should more weight be gradually added. Specific stress progressions will continue the rewards of improved strength endurance and general fitness.

Being able to add extra weight gradually, towards progressive overload, over a set period of time, will deliver even greater benefits including targeting specific muscle groups. Versatility of The Powersuit allows for progressive overload by adding 4.5-ounce (127 grams) increments of weights to the PowerVest or PowerShorts up-to a total of 30 pounds (13.6 Kilos) for men and 28 pounds (12.7 Kilos) for the woman’s PowerSuit.

How much weight to add and when to add it?

  • Adding too much weight to the PowerSuit at the start, can be detrimental to improving an athlete’s power, strength, and speed because it negatively affects the natural biomechanics of gradual adaptation.


  • Adding too little weight will be ineffective because it will not be progressively overloading the muscles based on hitting new levels therefore making them adapt and get stronger.

A group of athletes participated in a trial using The PowerSuit. The trials indicated a safe rule of thumb or the proper amount of weight to start when using the Powersuit is 2% of the participant’s total body weight.

For example, a 150-pound athlete should start using 3 ‘pounds distributed evenly throughout The PowerSuit. The trial proved to be safe when participants trained for 8 weeks and added 1% of their body weight to The PowerSuit every two weeks. With this information we determined that this progression is generally a safe load protocol and regardless of this, should still be monitored on an individual basis.


Based on a 150 lb athlete here is how you would add weight to the suit during training

Weeks Percentage of Body Weight Total Weight in The PowerSuit
1 & 2 2% 3 lbs.
3 & 4 3% 4.5 lbs.
5 & 6 4% 6 lbs.
7 & 8 5% 7.5 lbs.

Monitoring proper load protocols will safely develop strength, endurance, speed and

explosiveness while delivering tasting results for athletes using The PowerSuit in training.

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Tim Grover