Wearing a weighted vest while doing a cardio workout

Great for weight loss, Strengthens your Heart, Reduces the risk of several diseases, Naturally boosts energy, great for mental health, better sleep and helps the immune system.

Many individuals are doing cardio exercises regularly to improve their endurance, cardiovascular system and reduce the excess weight fast. They would like to exert their cardiovascular system further. Wearing a weighted vest like the Power suit is one of the easiest ways to increase the heart rate, while spending the same time exercising. The Power-suit user can add weights of up to 20 lbs to his workout load while exercising, without changing his exercise routine. The user does not have to consult a personal trainer to use the Power suit, he can wear it and continue with his normal exercise routine.

The Power suit can be used by all individuals whatever their shape or size. It helps in increasing the metabolic rate and resistance for the user, without affecting the movements while exercising or doing his cardio workout. The user can easily adjust the weight of the power-suit, varying the load based on his overall fitness level and goals.

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